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Action Report

WCD: Curitiba

Curitiba had a fast paced, but carfree September. The Brazilian city started out on the right foot, with a Commuter’s Challenge. This year’s edition of the multimodal race included a helicopter and a car, but the bicycle once again came out the fastest, cheapest and cleanest. The Federal University hosted a week-long seminar for participants […]


Move or be moved…

Whenever I go out with my bike trailer I can’t avoid thinking about the weight ratio between the vehicle, passenger and cargo. And that gets me thinking about energy waste. When I ride my bike, which weights about 27lb (less than a fifth of my body weight) I can move around using only one third […]


Bicycle Rickshaw at the Bus Terminal

Last year my cousin came to visit us from Brazil’s capital – the real one, Brasilia, the Federal Capital (and also the one that recently took the title of “most motorized city in Brazil” from Curitiba). He told me beforehand that he was coming by bus on a weekday afternoon and that he would only […]


Forgotten use of Streets

Each passing day it is more common to perceive the streets as obstacles – for traveling, resting, eating, meeting people, exercising, shopping – and ultimately living. After all, who wants to waste precious time in noisy, stinking and unsafe places like many urban streets? Not long ago it was different. The streets were not only […]