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Bike commuting is a lifestyle that many would like to explore, but aren’t sure where to begin. Bike commuting in the suburbs is very different from bike commuting in the city, so knowing the tricks of the trade are essential for cycling in the community in which you live. There’s a lot to know when you get started such as choosing the right bike for your commute and understanding how to make the commute without arriving to work like you’ve had the most strenuous workout of your life. Check out these helpful blogs for a taste of bike commuting in America and abroad, and everything you need to know to start bike commuting. 

Bike Commuting Worldwide

Bike commuting has recently taken off in American, but it’s been a common means of transportation to and from the office for years elsewhere in the world. See what bike commuting is like around the globe and compare it to your own experiences.

London Cycle Chic You might think it’s impossible to bike commute and end up looking fabulous when you arrive at your destination. This London blog proves otherwise and also gives you tons of tricks for arriving in style since it interviews bike commuting bloggers from all over the world for their trade secrets.

Momentum Planet This online magazine is chock full of tips for bike commuters around the world. Read features on grassroots movements that have made cities safer for bike commuters.

Bike in the City This French bike commuting blog tells you why it’s so great to be a bike commuter and posts funny cycling comics. The chic blog has posts in English and French.

Karma Cycle Bike commuting in London is a way of life. This blog shows us the way Londoners are able to make bike commuting such a seamless party of every day life. Always encouraging, this site is great for giving you a push as a beginner bike commuter.

Bike Lane Diary Written by a Torontonian, this blog is dedicated to bike commuting in Canada’s largest city. If you’ve ever been to Toronto, you know the traffic horrendous. Here’s how to deal with the city and keep up with your bike commuting routine.

Velorution Making bike commuting a simple way of life worldwide is this blog’s goal. This site has tons of information regarding how to choose a bike and how to get around London in style. You can also purchase a bike from this friendly cycling shop.

Bikeway Central Bikeway Central is a new initiative to unite bike commuters in the U.S. and beyond. The site posts news updates on cycling laws passed throughout the U.S. and Canada and has just started a forum for cyclists to share their favorite tips for bike commuting.

Rez Drake Live from Kuala Lumpur, this bike commuting blog gives us a taste of what it’s like to commute in the capital of Malaysia and fun tips like iPhone apps suited for cyclists.

Milano Fixed This Italian bike commuting blog mixes commuting commentary with more intense cycling tips and stories. The writer has an affinity for all things bicycle-related displaying fun knick-knacks like a necklace with a delicate silver bike lock.

Third Wave Cycling This company is based in Vancouver and devotes a blog to making bike commuting the new rage. While some companies have constant plugs and blatant selling tactics in their blogs, this one provides useful tips for those in the area and bike commuters in general.

Wired Best Bicycling Cities in the World Wired isn’t a site devoted to cycling, but it does come out with some pretty good lists, including this one over the best cities in the world for bike commuting. If you are planning a trip and want to take your bike commuting overseas, check out this list for the places where you can look like a local on your bike.

Suburban Bike Mama While this blog is written by a mom in the U.S., her enthusiasm and commitment to bike commuting proves that the task can be done anywhere in the world. She also show how important this tool is in teaching children to lead an active lifestyle from an early age.

Toronto Bike Chic Snapshots of Canadians looking chic on bicycles is what this blog aims for. Get style inspiration and see what people wear when bike commuting is just a regular part of the routine – something that’s difficult to get used to for beginners.

A Parisian Cyclist For both cycling and bike commuting information in Paris, check this blog. Use Google Translator to help you find your way around the blog that tracks a beautiful city welcoming of bike commuters day and night.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic Get style tips and inspiration from gorgeous photos of bike commuters in Copenhagen. Since bike commuting is the norm there, you’ll have a plentiful supply of images, whether you’re a student, parent or single gal in the city.

Tips for Bike Commuters

Whether you’re the seasoned bike commuter or just exploring bike commuting as an option, this helpful blogs can get you off and running (or riding). Research the type of bike best for your commute and find resources for bike commuting safety tips that will make this lifestyle change seamless.

Bike Snob Yes, even bikes have their own “snob” on the web. This New York based writer has an eye when it comes to recommending or crucifying bikes, their design and their function. Great for the bike commuter looking for a few laughs and eye candy, as Bike Snob is a pro at posting vintage beauties.

Bike Commute Tips This site no longer updates regularly, but it’s chock full of evergreen information on bike commuting whether you’re in the big city or in the suburbs. It gives you the skinny on bike commuting, even when things like the weather or your will power want to get in the way.

Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips Maybe you want to start bike commuting to work, but you aren’t sure how to get started. Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting site gives you the ins-and-outs of bike commuting and offers valuable tips for finding everything from the right bike to the right route. Creating a plan you’re comfortable with will improve the chances of making bike commuting a true lifestyle change.

Self-Propelled City Bike commuting is great for your health, but it’s also a small thing you can do to improve the environment. Self-Propelled City is all about bike commuters who are taking this as an additional step in their green lifestyle.

Bike Glossary If it’s your first time in a long time buying a bike, you might note that things are different than when you were six years old. This site has a hefty bike glossary so you aren’t left in the cold the first time you visit a cycling shop to make a purchase.

Ken Kifer Bike Pages If you’re worried that bike commuting to work will do something harmful to your health, think again. This site breaks down cycling fatalities and the risks bike commuters face daily. Once you see the minuscule percentages that bike commuting can do, you’ll be ready for a ride.

Bike Portland – Cycling While Pregnant If you’re expecting a child, you may be weary of continuing with your bike commute. This site offers invaluable tips for the mommy-to-be, such as specific questions to ask your doctor regarding cycling and experiences from women who continued to bike commuter well into their pregnancies.

Jeromes Bikes As you start bike commuting to work, you may realize that cycling is a strong community of people who love all things bicycles. Jeromes Bikes is an avid cyclist’s dream written by a professional photographer who has made cycling his major hobby.

Folding Bike Reviews There are a number of folding bikes on the market. This site reviews each one (sometimes as they’re released) to give you the lowdown on what’s worth it and what’s worth passing up. Perfect for cutting out the mounds of research some of us make before making a purchase.

Cycling Legal Info Maybe you love bike commuting, but suddenly find yourself in a crunch. Check out this site for a comprehensive list of legal issues having to do with cyclists.

Car Busters Bike commuting cuts the amount of time you spend in a car and this site gives you the reasons you want to do this. If you’re unsure about becoming a bike commuter, this online magazine will give you plenty of encouragement to get yourself up and running.

Carbon Trace You want to start bike commuting, but you fear for your safety. We understand. Enter this blog with stats on how safe bike commuting is and the clear cut facts that will give you the guts to make the change. Note: bike commuters in the UK suffer far more risks than those in North America.

Word Bike This bike commuter made the change from car to bike when his infant suffered from breathing issues thanks to the condition of the environment. After exploring how those in Europe make bike commuting an every day thing, the blogger decided to take up the challenge and is succeeding.

Bikes for the Rest of Us This site reviews bikes for everyone. Whether you’re getting the first bike you’ve had since grade school or looking for something to up your game in terms of cycling, this bike blog showcases the best of the best and tells us what to leave behind.

Let’s Go Ride a Bike If you think living in a big city can prevent you from bike commuting, read this blog. Offering tips for starters and what to do when you’re in a jam (traffic, or otherwise), this site is a useful tool to keep up with for the modern bike commuter dealing with the “fun” that a work commute can bring.

Bike Rumor If there’s a bike commuting blog that matters, you’ll find it here. This site goes beyond bike commuting and also gives links to blogs of cycling enthusiasts and professionals.

Bike to Work Book This e-book will be available in paperback come June. For a head start, download the book for everything you need to know about commuting on a bike. This is a great guide for beginners, but is also helpful for seasoned bike commuters who may run into an issue and need a quick answer.

Riding Pretty Riding Pretty is all about making it easier to do just that. It’s a blog dedicated to riding a bike in style, which is a must if you’re headed to the office or to run errands. Basics include owning flats, cute pants and bright accessories so you stand out in a crowd.

LL Bean Bike Commuting Tips We love their outerwear, but who knew LL Bean had a few bike commuting tips to pass along? The retailer known for outfitting us for the great outdoors offers “Rules of the Road” for beginners to check ensure their safety when bike commuting.

Bike Commuting FAQs Have some questions over bike commuting? Get answers for everything from how to tote your kid along for the bike commuting ride to safety tips for women who make a daily commute. This page also has a resourceful link list of additional tips to help your bike commute.

Bike Commuting in the U.S.

Bike commuting has seen a huge surge in the U.S. in recent years. The internet has allowed bike commuters to come together and offer each tips and tricks for getting around easily. Some Americans bike commute in an effort to go green, while others are looking to improve their health. Take a look at bike commuting blogs from around the nation for a taste of who may be riding next to you.

SB Bike This site is aimed at bike commuters in the Santa Barbara, California area, but it serves as a great go-to guide for bike commuters in any city. The basic table of contents is full of information you need to know for making your commute a safe and effective one.

Myths About Commuting by Bicycle If you need a push in the right direction and aren’t sure if bike commuting is for you, check this site for reasons you should consider commuting. It debunks preconceived notions that bike commuting is dangerous or too expensive to implement into the modern person’s lifestyle.

Nevada Trail Maps If you’re in Nevada and going for a recreational ride to get in the groove of improving your cycling so you can bike commute to work, check out this site for trails and lists of areas where cycling is welcomed.

She Rides a Bike She Rides a Bike started bike commuting just a few years ago and it’s turned into a full-on obsession. The blogger and her husband bike commute nearly everywhere. At this blog she chronicles the transition and love of bike commuting.

Bike Portland Portland is a city that’s on their citizens’ side when it comes to going green. Encouraging an active and eco-friendly lifestyle, Portland has created for monthly bulletins of cycling events around the city. There’s even an area where readers can report stolen bikes.

Car Free Days Three years ago, this couple returned from a trip to the Netherlands and realized they were driving way too much. If the Europeans can do it, why can’t we (in America)? See how this family is implementing bike commuting to improve their health and quality of living..

Bike Commuters Get familiar with a bike commuter who fell off the wagon, but is back on and headed to work on a bike daily. This writer also posts Florida cycling news and events, and also gives mini-reviews on bikes.

LA Dot Bike Blog Posting updates on bike commuting happenings and news in LA, this site focuses on community. Written by a witty intern, the site also gives starter tips for making bike commuting part of your life. There are laws and regulations to know, and this blog addresses them in a simple manner.

Biking in LA Written by an LA bike commuter, this site showcases the good, the bad and the ugly of commuting in the city. Pushing for more safety laws and better treatment of cyclists, this is a blog with a mission.

Girls and Bicycles This girl with a bicycle has made bike commuting her lifestyle, whether she’s headed to the market or to work on a paper. Her random musings as a “normal” girl and bike commuter can make for interesting stories and a fresh perspective on the subject.

Bike Bliss Bike commuting started as a weight loss plan for this active mother. It’s now turned into a way of life, proving that will power conquers all. Read this blog for inspiration when the going gets tough (and you need to get going).

Bike Carson If you need to know about bike commuting in Carson City, Nevada, this is your blog. This mid-size city has a bike commuting movement happening as we speak, so read up on ways to make your commute easy and downright fun. This site also tracks bike commuting meet-ups and events in the area.

Two Cities Two Bikes Read up on these bicycle commuters who make their way through the Twin Cities. It offers road maps and updates on construction in Minneapolis and also gives overall bike commuting tips.

Mn Bicycle Commuter If you’re a rural bike commuter, this blog’s for you. Mn Bicycle Commuter chronicles his commutes in Minnesota. This blog is aimed at the bike commuter-turned cycling enthusiast. The writer cycles every chance he gets, giving him a chance to explore new terrain and share it with his audience.

KC Bike This Kansas City blogger is dedicated to bike commuting and it shows because readers have seen him get laid off, have no commute and then storm on with bike commuting for his new gig. KC Bike is a great blog for “regular” bike commuters who have little interest in cycling, but are interested in bike commuting tips that will make their ride to work more pleasurable.

With planning and a little enthusiasm, bike commuting is easy to implement even into the most hectic lifestyle. As the world goes green, you can do your part to save the planet and get yourself into shape by simply hopping on a bike.

—Amanda Harris


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