MotorwayEcoAnything can be “green” nowadays or at least that is what many industries and decision-makers will tell you, in order to prevent real changes and keep business running as usual. Hence, it is not surprising to learn that an “eco-motorway” (label created by Vinci, the company that built the motorway) opened in June in France. During its inauguration, Dominique Bussereau, Secretary of State for Transport – that belongs to the French Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – was happy to underline “the quality of the motorway’s integration in the environment”.
Vinci shares the satisfaction of the Secretary of State and celebrates the opening of a “new era in motorways construction”. It is indeed very good news for the world’s biggest private operator of motorway concessions that motorways can be labelled eco-friendly. Media played their usual role, since they portrayed the project in a very informative way – as the motorway of  “responsibility”, “safety” and “conviviality”; “it respects the environment”. One thing we can definitely agree upon is that this new concept will enforce new “sustainable” ways of polluting.
Illustration by Marta Mancusi

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