What can’t this technology do? Witnessing the colonising powers of the car

The colonising power of a technology can be extensive and overwhelming. I am thinking of the car, the automobile, as a technology that colonises – takes over, dominates – a wide range of areas: physical space, time, personal economy, public economy, culture, even the human imagination and human identities. The list presumably can be made longer.
The colonising and perverting effect on public morality is also extraordinary: human societies generally now accept that many people will be killed and seriously injured by a technology we think is necessary. We justify these deaths and losses because of a technology and the ideologies (the ideas, assertions, etc.) that accompany and support the technology.
Witnessing the colonising power of a technology like the car can help, I hope. Other technologies also need to be “revealed”, looked at carefully.

Written By Aaron Thomas, originally published at aaronkmthomas.blogspot.com

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